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Withdrawal of Guilty Plea

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You May be Able to Withdraw Your Guilty Plea Even Though You Already Paid the Fine

When you pay a fine for a speeding ticket or other criminal charge, you are pleading guilty to the offense. In many cases, an attorney can withdraw your guilty plea and negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney to get your charges reduced to a lesser offense.

Pleading Guilty to a Speeding Ticket Causes Points to be Added to Your Driving Record

Many people pay their speeding ticket fine without realizing they are pleading guilty to a moving violation, which causes points to be added to their driving record. As a result of paying the fine, the added points can cause you to exceed the maximum number of points allowed on your Missouri driving record, and your license will be suspended or revoked.

Too Many Points Will Cause Your License to be Suspended or Revoked

Most municipal violations (tickets issued by a city cop) cause 2 points to be added to your driving record. State violations (tickets issued by a state trooper) cause 3 points to be added to your driving record. Tickets for no insurance or failure to provide proof of insurance cause 4 points to be added to your driving record. Go to my Traffic Law Resources page for a list of all Missouri traffic violations, fines, points, and penalties.

If you accumulate 8 points within 18 months, your Missouri driver's license will be suspended for 30 days, if it's your first suspension. Your license will be revoked for 1 year if you accumulate 12 points within 12 months, 18 points within 24 months, or 24 points within 36 months.

Withdrawing Your Guilty Plea Can Lift the Suspension of Your Driver's License

For example, if you paid the fine for a speeding ticket that added 3 points to your driving record and those added points caused your license to be suspended, it is possible to withdraw your guilty plea and get the moving violation reduced to a non-moving violation. After your original speeding ticket is reduced to a non-moving violation, then those 3 points that were added to your driving record when you paid the fine will be removed from your driving record, and the suspension can be lifted or cancelled.

This is possible even though you have already paid the fine or appeared in court and pleaded guilty.

However, if too much time has passed since you pleaded guilty, or if you were represented by an attorney when you entered your guilty plea, the judge may not allow you to withdraw your guilty plea.

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