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FCC Speeding Tickets

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“FCC” stands for the Fine Collection Center in Jefferson City, Missouri.  If you have been issued an FCC ticket by a Missouri State Highway Patrol officer, your speeding ticket will not have a court date listed on it. Instead, you will see the words, “Due in 30 days” on the front of the ticket. You should either pay the speeding ticket fine within 30 days of receiving the ticket, according to the instructions on the ticket, or hire an attorney to negotiate with the court to have the ticket amended to a non-moving infraction so that no points are added to your driving record.

Keep in mind that not all Missouri courts will amend speeding tickets to non-moving violations; some will only amend to a "non-point speeding" violation.

If you pay the fine and do not get the ticket amended to a non-moving infraction, then points will be added to your driving record. If you accumulate too many points on your driving record, your driver’s license will be suspended. In addition, some insurance companies look at your driving record before determining your car insurance rates and may increase your rates if you accumulate too many points.

If you hire St. Louis traffic attorney Andrea Storey Rogers to represent you on an FCC speeding ticket, she will submit the required documents and pleadings to the FCC and will also communicate with the court and the prosecuting attorney’s office in the county where the ticket was issued in order to negotiate a plea bargain to get your speeding ticket amended to a non-moving infraction with no points added to your driving record.

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