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Driving Without Insurance

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If you receive a traffic ticket for no insurance (sometimes called “Failure to Produce Insurance Identification,” “No Proof of Insurance,” or “Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility”), four points will be added to your Missouri driving record.  If your vehicle was insured at the time you were pulled over but you were unable to provide a current copy of your insurance card, most courts will dismiss the ticket if you show proof of insurance and pay the court costs.

Some courts may let you bring proof of insurance to the court clerk prior to the court date, so that you avoid having to appear in court. Other courts require that you go to court on your court date and show the judge your proof of insurance.

If your vehicle wasn’t insured at the time you were pulled over, but you purchased insurance afterward, some courts will amend the ticket to a lesser charge with no points on your driving record if you provide the court with proof of insurance.  In this type of case, you may not be able to represent yourself and you may need to hire an attorney to represent you in court.

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