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Construction Zone Speeding Tickets

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Fines for Construction Zone Tickets Are Much Higher Than Regular Speeding Tickets

If you receive a speeding ticket while driving through a construction zone in Missouri, your fine will be higher than if you were pulled over in a regular speed zone. Your fine will be even higher if there were workers present in the construction zone.

A Lawyer Can Get Your Construction Zone Speeding Ticket "Fixed"

In most cases, a traffic law attorney can help you beat a construction zone ticket by negotiating a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney to have your ticket reduced to a non-moving violation, so that no points will be added to your driving record and your insurance company will never know that you received the ticket.

Can a Lawyer Help if Your Ticket Was in a Construction Zone With Workers Present?

If you receive a construction zone speeding ticket issued by a state trooper in St. Louis County and workers were present in the construction zone, the prosecuting attorney will not reduce your ticket to a non-moving violation. However, an attorney can usually negotiate a deal for a Suspended Imposition of Sentence (SIS) with probation for this type of ticket. With an SIS and probation, the original charge of "speeding in a construction zone with workers present" will be dismissed if you successfully complete the probation period without any violations.

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