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Resisting Arrest or Assaulting a Police Officer

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If you attempt to run away from a police officer or if you physically react at all when a police officer attempts to handcuff you, you may face charges for resisting arrest, interfering with a police officer, or assaulting a police officer.

Before you plead guilty to charges of resisting arrest or assaulting a police officer, consult a criminal defense attorney. St. Louis attorney Andrea Storey Rogers can negotiate a plea bargain with the court so that your charges are reduced to a lesser offense.

Depending on the circumstances of the arrest and the severity of the offense, Andrea may be able to negotiate a deal where you only have to pay a fine and court costs. In some situations, you may be offered an SIS (Suspended Imposition of Sentence), or you may have to perform several hours of community service and serve a period of time on unsupervised probation.

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